UPDATED 2018 DEC 


     UPDATED 2018 DEC 


Bogdan is a multi-disciplinary WordPress developer with design skills. He specializes in WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions. Husband/ Father of Two/ Maker/ Wannabe blogger.

He is a born problem solver. Combining the right amount of curiosity and patience he manages to get a deeper understanding of the projects he is working on. He started his career 15 years ago when he started a design agency. During the agency years, he began teaching himself frontend design.

Meeting WordPress was love at first sight. Starting very humble, he pushed himself towards the development path. He got his recognition once he became a respected member among Codeable WordPress developers community. During the past two years, he had the chance to work closely with Dekode, the only WordPress VIP agency in Scandinavia. 

Having a musical education background helped him resonate with music teaching subscription-based services. His most notable collaboration was with HDpiano, a four-year collaboration during which he was in a hybrid position handling lead design and development. He had a notable contribution to the company growth, being in charge of the redesign process and a continuous feature-based development process.

He takes everything very personally and even if he likes to remain a freelancer he acts like a team player in every project he gets involved.

He likes people and he easily finds common topics with mostly everyone. He believes in core values like honesty, doing good, thinking good, being humble, helping the ones in need. Adhering to those beliefs is one of the things that matter to him.

He is a maker, working on many side projects. Currently, he's focusing on finishing EasyTime a simple timezone visualization app for remote teams. Being a perfectionist made him postpone the launch of many projects he had under development for years. He decided this has to end and he's fighting his perfectionist side by learning how to be more pragmatical. 

Some other projects he has under development:

  • CreativeCrowd - a community of designers with a focus on quality, honesty, and growth.
  • Yocoder  - a community for WordPress developers that offers maintenance services.
  • KontrolSpace - a simple workspace for projects.
  • Vorktime - a simple time tracker with a Pomodoro technique approach.

He met the WordPress community at WordCamp Sofia in 2014 and got really convinced about open source principles so when he got back, with his friends he started a local WordPress meetup. He found out then that giving is more important than getting back and this makes an important part of everything he did from that moment on. He retired from organizing the meetup in 2016.

He mentored a few developers that now are on their own path and he is constantly open to offer a good advice to anyone asking for it.

He participated at:

  • 2014 - WordCamp Europe - Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2014 - Codeable Meetup - Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2016 - WordCamp Europe - Vienna, Austria
  • 2016 - Codeable Meetup - Vienna, Austria
  • 2016 - WordCamp Bucharest - Romania
    (organizing team)
  • 2017 - WordCamp Europe - Paris, France
  • 2017 - Codeable Meetup - Paris, France
  • 2018 - WordCamp Oslo - Oslo, Norway
  • 2018 - WordCamp Europe - Belgrad, Serbia
  • 2018 - Codeable Meetup - Belgrad, Serbia

He created an Accordion field plugin for ACF which was highly appreciated and still has 3000+ active installs with 5 stars reviews until ACF decided it's a good idea and they introduce the accordion field in their core. 

He is currently pushing himself into writing more on his blog, finish some of the started projects, spend more quality time with the children and wife, reading more, get more involved in things that matter.

You can find him on Codeable, view his public WordPress profile, message on LinkedIn, follow and like his projects on Dribbble, write him on Skype or email him at hello@bogdan.is